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The next edition of  GLOBAL YOUTH & NEWS MEDIA PRIZE has been postponed until 2021 in the wake of the global impact of the  Covid-19 virus.


The 2021 edition of the GLOBAL YOUTH & NEWS MEDIA PRIZE will have three award categories open to any kind of news media on any platform and run by people of any age. The award celebrates news media work that serves, supports and both attracts and learns from young audiences. The primary target of initiatives must be young audiences ages 13 to 25. Entries can be self-submitted or nominated by third party.


Members of the international jury will be again instructed to keep in mind three things:


1. Impact - Effectiveness of the initiative in serving, supporting, attracting and/or learning from young audiences, especially as evidenced by measurable impact. This is a key element.

2. Inspiration - Transferability and adaptability of the idea to other countries. For journalism: encourages young audiences to emulate, appreciate or respond to great reporting.

3. Innovation - This does not preclude an initiatives that has been going on for some time that still produces excellent results thanks to adaptation to the times.


THE JOURNALISM AWARD - Reporting that breaks stereotypes or adds important insights about or from young people and/or that successfully targets and involves a young audience with a clear, important impact.

THE NEWS/MEDIA LITERACY AWARD - Initiatives that effectively educate about journalism and news media in ways that help young audiences navigate all kinds of content as they develop news habits and knowledge key to developing active citizenship. Again, a key is a clear, important impact.

THE PLANET AWARD - Reporting or initiatives that effectively provide young audiences with information and hope for saving the planet.


Full details about the 2021 edition and how to enter will be available starting 1 March 2021.

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