The 2019 JURY


Dr. DARIGA NAZARBAYEVA (Kazahkstan)  is founder of the Eurasia Media Forum which, since 2002, brings together international leaders of opinion in politics, economics, social issues and, critically, the media. It now attracts more than 600 delegates from 60 countries: politicians, experts and senior media figures. PLANET AWARD

RINA TSUBAKI (Spain)  founded and leads The Lookout Station to build bridges between science and journalism communities for climate change stories at @europeanforest.   Lookout Station offers programmes for journalists to experiment, test and try new ideas to tell climate change stories, like scientists do in the laboratory. PLANET AWARD



ADAM THOMAS (Netherlands) is director of the European Journalism Centre (EJC), an independent European non-profit connecting journalists with new ideas based in the Netherlands. In his previous role as Chief Product Officer at Storyful, he led five teams of developers and designers, creating products for world’s biggest media organisations. Previously, he was Head of Communications at the international nonprofit Sourcefabric and worked on media development projects in over 50 countries worldwide. [He did not have a vote in cases with EJC involvement.]


MARIANE VAN NEYENHOFF PEARL (France) is a journalist based in Barcelona who has worked for Glamour and Radio France Internationale. Her journalism often focuses on people who are often overlooked, particularly the women and children who live in communities plagued by poverty and conflict. She is the widow of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl who was kidnapped and assassinated in Pakistan in 2002 and a board member of The Daniel Pearl Foundation, which promotes mutual respect and understanding among diverse cultures through journalism, music and dialogue. She is author of A Mighty Heart,  a celebration her husband’s life and and a call for peace and In Search of Hope: The Global Diaries of Mariane Pearl, a collection of her columns for Glamour. Since 2013, she has been managing editor for the Chime for Change Foundation, which fosters empowerment of women and girls around the world via access to education, health and justice.

ADNAN KAKA SHAFI (is the founder and CEO of Sauti Afrika, a podcast that aims to help youth talk about difficult issues in their communities. The podcast is based in the African Leadership Academy and continues to work under a new team to chase it's vision to 'Foster tolerance through conversation'.  He represented African Leadership Academy as a student ambassador and content contributor with News Decoder for the 2018-2019 academic year.

IAN YEE (Malaysia) is executive producer and deputy editor at R.Age in Malaysia, the Star Media Group’s award-winning, youth-oriented documentary and investigative journalism team. The team specialises in video-driven multimedia content and activism campaigns that work in tandem to create positive change. It has tackled issues including child sexual crimes, human trafficking, indigenous rights, refugee rights, school violence, and gender equality, using a combination of editorial content, high-end video production, interactive digital media, and effective social campaigning to create real, lasting impact.


BENEDICTE AUTRET (France) joined the Google Syndication team in 2005 and has since embraced the world of partnership with news organizations. Initially working with some of the largest UK print companies, broadcasters and telcoms she now serves as Google’s head of strategic relations for news & publishers for the United Kingdom, Ireland, France & Benelux. Prior to joining Google, she worked for WILink Europe. She holds a degree from the EDHEC Business School in France. [She did not have a vote in cases with Google involvement.]

ANNE COLLIER (USA) is a youth advocate and executive director of The Net Safety Collaborative, the national non-profit organization that is piloting the new social media helpline for U.S. schools and helping Google update its global Be Internet Awesome digital literacy initiative. She has served on three national task forces on youth internet safety, most recently for the Obama administration, and now serves on the safety advisory boards of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube. Earlier in her career, she worked on print, radio, TV, and web editions of the Christian Science Monitor and was editor of its first web site in the mid-’90s. She has been writing about children and connected media at since the late-'90s. [She did not vote in cases with Google involvement.]

BARBARA MCCORMACK  (USA) is vice president for education at the Freedom Forum Institute in Washington DC. She leads the team responsible for creating NewseumED: quality, educational resources and programs on First Amendment freedoms and media literacy. Through on-site and virtual classes and its website, NewseumED reaches 10 million students. She works to promote access to media literacy resources as a member of the steering committee for the North American subchapter of GAPMIL, UNESCO’s effort to promote media and information literacy worldwide. A former middle and high school teacher, she and her team have been recognized by the Journalism Education Association, the National Council for the Social Studies, and the Education Commission for the States for their contributions to the teaching of the First Amendment  and news and media literacy. [She deferred on judging other U.S. organizations with which her organization has worked.]

CHIDO ONUMAH (Nigeria and Canada) is coordinator of the African Centre for Media & Information Literacy (AFRICMIL), set up in 2008. He is chair of the Pan-African Alliance for Media & Information Literacy (PAMIL) and co-chair of UNESCO's Global Alliance on Media and Information Literacy (GAPMIL). He has also worked for over two decades as a journalist, rights activist and media trainer in Nigeria, Ghana, Canada, India, the US, the Caribbean and Spain.


Different subsets of the Core Jury assessed different categories.


Mthoba Xola Chapi (South Africa) - is director of Vuselela Media which trains media students to produces broadcast-quality content for the South Africa Broadcasting Company. He is also the regional communications officer for Africa of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation.

Josh LaPorte (Belgium) - is head of media development at the European Journalism Centre’. Among his many tasks, he oversees implementation of programming across Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America, using an advocacy-strengthening approach focused on youth media literacy, journalist safety, diversity/accountability reporting and access to independent information.

Dr. Aralynn McMane (France, USA) is co-founder and director of The Global Youth & News Media Prize (with Jo Weir). She specializes in in news media youth engagement, news/media literacy and has worked with WAN-IFRA (The World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers), UNESCO and dozens of individual media outlets. She has also done international journalism, journalism education and research for oganizations based in  Europe and in the United States.

Grzegorz Piechota (United Kingdom) - Researcher-in-Residence at the International News Media Association, a research fellow at Harvard and Oxford universities in the U.S. and the U.K. and a prize-winning practitioner of youth engagement strategies for news media. Among the projects he led while at Gazeta Wyborcza was the rallying of young people to save a river from destruction by a proposed highway and the massive overhaul of digital literacy in Poland’s schools. His emphasis now is technology-enabled disruption patterns across industries, including news media.

Dara Rosen (USA)  is a journalist at The Eagle Eye, the newsmagazine of Marjory Stoneman High School in Parkland, Florida, which was the co-recipient of the first, honorary Global Youth & News Media Prize in 2018. The other co-recipient was The Guardian US.

Wendy Tribaldos (Panama) - a journalist, educator and museum studies specialist, she is co-author of News Literacy and News Publishers, a 7-part report and database, and a prize-winning practitioner of youth engagement strategies for news media. While at La Prensa in Panama, she developed several award-winning initiatives, including highly effective and enjoyable introductions to news for children.

Jo Weir (Canada, UK) - is co-founder and director of the Global Youth & News Media Prize (with Aralynn McMane). based in London, is a media development expert.  She spent 25 years at Reuters where she was the Director of Journalism Training and Media Development for Reuters Foundation. During this time she directed projects in over 90 countries where training and mentoring was provided to over 13000 journalists, including helping set up Iraq’s first independent news agency, Aswat al-Iraq. As a consultant, she works with Chime For Change and others on humanitarian projects which empower women and girls, and with UN agencies, the European Union, NGOs and companies on media development projects. She is a trustee of News-Decoder.


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