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The second edition of the World Teenage Reporting Project challenged teenage journalists to profile their peers -- or worthy adults -- who were champions of tolerance.

Organized by the Global Youth & News Media, the project launched on the the United Nations International Day for Tolerance, 16 November 2020 with submissions possible through  December, Human Rights Month.


We showcased all the stories starting  24 January 2021, International Day of Education.

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The first edition of the project, in early 2020, focused on the untold stories of teenagers who were making a difference during the COVID-19 pandemic.


For both projects, part of the goal is to correct the prevailing image of teenagers worldwide as a problem of some kind.


Teenage journalists working for any kind of news entity profiled teenagers, or worthy adults who teenagers would admire, who have had success in promoting tolerance amid the many differences among us.


The focus could be race, age, nationality, gender, sexual preference, disabilities, or anything else that has the power to divide and create disdain, or worse.

Profiles could be in any format (podcast, video, written) and should take a solutions journalism approach. That meant an emphasis on a response to the problem that is helping to solve it.

While reporters could focus on others, and interview them, in rare cases, exceptional testimonials about a reporter's own activity were considered. Also, stories completed anytime after June 2020 were eligible.

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For English teacher Araceli Lôpez Martinez in Pamplona, Spain, the project offered a way for her students to do something different than the prep there were doing for pre-university entrance exams. Her story is here.
Contact Dr. Aralynn McMane, director, at info [at]
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