The second edition of the World Teenage Reporting Project is offering a challenge to teenage journalists to profile their peers who are champions of tolerance. 


Organized by the Global Youth & News Media, the project is launching today on the the United Nations International Day for Tolerance, 16 November. The first edition, in early 2020, focused on the untold stories of teenagers who were making a difference during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Teenage journalists working for any kind of news entity profile teenagers, or worthy adults who teenagers would admire, who have had success in promoting tolerance amid the many differences among us.


The focus can be race, age, nationality, gender, sexual preference, disabilities, or anything else that has the power to divide and create disdain, or worse.

Profiles must be an be in any format (podcast, video, written) and should take a solutions journalism approach. That means an emphasis on the response to the problem that is helping to solve it.



1. Determine with your editor or advisor who you want to profile and SIGN UP HERE.

2. When you finish your profile, your editor or advisor just needs to submit this Basic Story Portfolio:

-- A link to the profile

-- A photograph of the person profiled, ideally in action

-- A short written summary (in English) with a headline in any style you like and these six bits of basic information in this order:

  1. Profile subject’s name

  2. Where the person lives (town and country)

  3. Life stage

  4. Status (level in school, occupation, etc.)

  5. One sentence summary of the person’s main accomplishment

  6. Reporter’s details - minimally name and organization or school



FORMAT - The stories themselves can be any kind of journalism: print, video, podcast, etc.


LANGUAGE - Stories can be in any language. However videos not in English will need subtitles in English and podcasts will need a transcript or detailed summary in English.

APPROACH - Remember, these stories take a solutions journalism approach, how the problem is being solved, in even a small way.

TIME FRAME - Stories produced within the past six months are also eligible for this challenge. Deadline for all stories is 16 December.


>>15 DEC<<

Accepted stories will become part of a new World Teenage Reporting Project Showcase.
Contact Dr. Aralynn McMane, director, at info [at]


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