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These awards honor excellence in amplifying the concerns of the young while reinforcing journalism in ways that also support society.

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The 2023 News/Media Literacy Award concentrates on news media, their NGOs and educators doing a great job to ensure that students learn about the crucial role of journalism in society and the dangers faced by some who do that job. 
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THE JOURNALISM AWARD - Breakthrough reporting with, about and/or for young audience that produces a clear, important impact and that takes a solutions journalism approach. In 2021, this award focused fully on excellence in coverage for children (age 12 and younger) of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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THE NEWS/MEDIA LITERACY AWARD - Initiatives that effectively educate about journalism and news media in ways that help young audiences navigate all kinds of content as they develop news habits and knowledge key to developing active citizenship. The 2021 edition recognizes teacher excellence in assuring that students develop a thorough understanding of the crucial role of journalism in society and of the sometimes deadly risks for people who do this work.

In general, the  GLOBAL YOUTH & NEWS MEDIA PRIZE is open to any kind of news media on any platform and run by people of any age and celebrates news media work that serves, supports and both attracts and learns from young audiences. On occasion, we also celebrate other groups, notably educators. otherwise specified, the primary target of initiatives must be young audiences: children or teenagers depending on the award. 


Entries can be self-submitted or nominated by third party

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