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Global Youth & News Media, founded in 2018, has three missions: to honor news media that truly serve the young, to promote media literacy through a journalistic prism and to amplify the journalism of young people.  We work to strengthen engagement between news media and young people under age 24 while reinforcing the crucial role of journalism in society. We seek to help youth become empowered to use news media and journalism as tools to help safeguard and advance their society, democracies and planet.


In an era when questionable journalism and falsehoods regularly assault the public, the act of rewarding and reinforcing good news media practice can offer both hope for the public and emulation by other news outlets. Such an approach is especially crucial when it involves these very young audiences who are forming their opinions about what to believe, whom to trust and what kind of citizen they will become.



The Global Youth & News Media Prize, begun in 2018, honors organizations that innovate as they strengthen engagement between news media and the young while reinforcing the role of journalism in society. In short, we celebrate and encourage news media work that serves, supports and both attracts and learns from young audiences. The 2021 edition will feature the News/Media Literacy Award: Press Freedom Teacher, the Journalism Award: Pandemic News for Children Award and The Planet Award, for reporting or initiatives that effectively provide young audiences with information and hope for saving the planet.



Starting in 2020, we began international projects to help advance youth engagement with news. Our first action featured two inaugural editions of the  World  Teenage Reporting Project, which encouraged selected news media (both adult- and student-run) around the world to assign their teenage journalists to cover the untold stories of their counterparts who were helping during the COVID-19 pandemic and to profile champions of tolerance. The 2021 edition will have a focus on climate change leading up to the 26th UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.



We curate and put into context transferable intelligence from around the world about smart ways news media are engaging youth. The first report, the New News for Kids, will be part of the World Editors Forum’s 2021 Trends in Newsrooms.

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​Aralynn Abare McMane, a youth engagement and media literacy expert, and Jo Weir, a media development expert, founded the award to fill a gap they saw in bringing international recognition to news organizations that took young people seriously and then also took action that was both effective and innovative. They invited News-Decoder, part of the French non-profit Nouvelles Découvertes where they sit on the board, to become the first supporter. “This award fits our mission perfectly,” said Nelson Graves, founder of Nouvelles Découvertes, the nonprofit that runs News-Decoder.  The European Journalism Centre soon came on board to help get things started, along with the The Google News Initiative. The European Broadcasting Union's News Xchange and The Eurasian Media Forum made possible the presenting of early awards at their events.

Global Youth & News Media is registered in Bayonne, France, as a not-for-profit French association (law of 1901) RNA W641012798. It is a member of the Anne Lindh Foundation Network and of HundrED. Siege sociale: 39 rue Pannecau #12, 64100 Bayonne France. 


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