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For news media reporting and/or initiatives that effectively provide young audiences (people ages 13 to 24) with information and hope for saving the planet.

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WHO CAN ENTER  - The competition is open to any kind of news organization in any country run by people of any age and on any platform. Entries can be self-nominated or submitted by a third party.


Remember that your initiative or journalism must have had an impact in effectively serving, supporting, attracting and/or learning from teenagers and the youngest adults (in short, people from age 13 to 24) while reinforcing the role of journalism in society. In general, initiatives and reporting must date from no earlier than 2019.


REGISTRATION - Before you send an entry as a candidate or to nominate an initiative, please register it HERE.

ENTRY FORMAT - A presentation pdf deck (created with PowerPoint, KeyNote, etc.) of no more than 5 MB (see tips below for reducing the file size). Links are permitted within the deck to videos or other supporting materials in English or, for videos, with English subtitles.


ENTRY CONTENT - Be sure to include

1. A first slide with the project's name and a very short description.

2.  A second slide in this format (Note: if your "organization" is simply you, just say so!)


THEN slides explaining the elements below. Entries can include more than one slide for each topic.


3. What you did

4. How you did it (what resources, personnel, etc.) Be sure to describe funding..

5. Why you did it (what the initiative was to accomplish, elements of innovation)

6. How we know it worked out (what it did accomplish, clear evidence of benefits for organization and the audience). This is a key element.

7. What should happen next and advice for others who want to try it.


ENTRY FILENAME - Should be in this format


HOW AND WHERE TO SEND IT - When you register, you will receive instructions for where to email your entry in the confirmation.  That email with your entry should have this subject line:





Members of the international jury have been instructed to keep in mind three things:


1. Impact - Effectiveness of the initiative in serving, supporting, attracting and/or learning from young audiences, especially as evidenced by measurable impact.

2. Inspiration - Adaptability of the idea to other countries.

3. Innovation - This does not preclude an initiative that has been going on for some time that still produces excellent results thanks to adaptation to the times.




• It's often better to describe one highly impactful initiative in an entry rather than  describe everything you do.

• Heavy photos can make your presentation huge. Reduce each one to 72 DPI before uploading or use the COMPRESS function to get all of them to 96DPI..

• Remember that the judges are all English speakers, so if an element is important for them to consider, translate it (subtitles on a video) or provide a summary in English.

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