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From Portugal, the
gallery of a revolution's remembrance from artists in confinement
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Video [00:08:20]  Partly in English & partly in Portuguese with English subtitles

The challenge came from PÚBLICO na Escola, the media education program of PÚBLICO, a Portuguese daily newspaper:  Visually represent the feeling of celebrating in confinement the country’s most important holiday, which commemorates the Carnation Revolution.* 


Eighteen students aged 16 and 17 from the 11º Arts Class, Ermesinde School Grouping in Porto, succeeded in meeting that challenge, among a larger group that all worked from their homes. The result is this virtual gallery exhibit.

More explanation about the background of the project and the motivation of the students is in this video. CAST  interviewer: Taiysya Pavlutska; interviewees: João Nunes, Cristiana Esteves; artists: Bruna Oliveira, Beatriz Gonçalves, José Aires, Inês Fernandes and Ana Luísa Cardoso.


* In the “Carnation Revolution” a military coup morphed into a popular uprising that toppled the dictatorship on 25 April 1974 with nearly no violence. The name carnation comes from the flowers that some of the insurgents put into their gun barrels, widely available at the flower market where they gathered.

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