1. Determine with your editor or advisor who you want to profile and REGISTER  HERE to get details about how to submit your story.

2. When you finish your profile, your editor or advisor just needs to submit the story link, summary and an illustration or photograph to


Again, the submission should include:

-- A link to the profile

-- A photograph of the person profiled, ideally in action

-- A short written summary (in English) with a headline in any style you like and a sentence or two that summarizes what the person has done.



FORMAT - The stories themselves can be any kind of journalism: print, video, podcast, etc.


LANGUAGE - Stories can be in any language. However videos not in English will need subtitles in English and podcasts will need a transcript or detailed summary in English.

APPROACH - Remember, these stories take a solutions journalism approach, how the problem is being solved, in even a small way.

TIME FRAME - Stories produced in 2020 are also eligible for this challenge. DEADLINE -  for the first showcase is 1 June. That first showcase will be published on 5 June, World Environment Day.

THEN WHAT - Selected stories will be showcased by Global Youth & News Media in three stages until the United Nations Climate Change Conference  COP26 meeting in November and also promoted elsewhere with accepted authors receiving certificates as having participated in this international reporting initiative.